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Hong Kong artist Wong Tin Yan presents his very own quiz show, ‘Yes but Why?’.

Wong Tin Yan: ‘Yes but Why?’ Quiz Show

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Playing the role of the storyteller, artist Wong Tin Yan shares a story about learning. What is right, and what is wrong? Can we always find the answers in textbooks? Wong Tin Yan invites us to join him on a search for fresh and original perspectives.

Yes but Why? is part of the M+ Rover programme. M+ commissions local cultural practitioners to participate in each edition of the programme; the 2020/2021 participating artist is Wong Tin Yan. With interactive activities and guided exhibition tours specially designed for primary-school students, the programme encourages students and teachers to unleash their imaginations, explore the everyday in a new light, and discover fresh perspectives by learning together.

Like this video? Check out Wong Tin Yan's Yes but Why? Dining Experience.

Wong Tin Yan is known for his sculptural work made from discarded wooden pallets. He has been an art educator for almost twenty years and also considers his writing for print and online publications and his participation in television as integral parts of his practice. He is a host of the RTHK television programme Artspiration, and the founder of the self-funded art space Form Society. Across his activities, Wong looks beyond conventional materials and situations to find inspiration to create.

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