Groups of three of four people sit on chairs in small circles, talking to each other. The groups are set up in a booth with the M+ logo in the corner.

Human Library: What did Visitors Ask M+ Staff?

During Art Basel Hong Kong 2019, M+ organised a human library, where staff members acted as ‘books’ that could be borrowed by the public for short conversations. Anyone passing by could submit questions for staff to answer during these exchanges.

Here are the five most asked visitor questions, along with responses from five different human books:

1. What skills are required for your work? How did you develop them?

A woman dressed in a black long-sleeved shirt and black pants stands in the middle of the M+ shop in the M+ Pavilion, consisting of products set up on shelves, tables, and clothes mannequins.

Meet the Team: Inside the M+ Shop

Amanda Yip, Senior Manager, Museum Retail Merchandising, answers five questions about her job at M+!

1. What brought you to M+?

I had been working in product development and merchandising in the retail business for almost twenty years and was starting to think about what was next in my career and in my life. That’s why, when I saw that M+ was looking for someone to do product development, I applied. I had heard about the M+ project for so many years, and was very curious about it. Although I was never particularly interested in art, once I started, I realised that it was something that I wanted to explore more. During my twenty years in the commercial world, I would sometimes work with artists, but never on this level.

It’s very different, and very challenging, especially for someone with my background. I came from the commercial world and studied mechanical engineering, so I'm used to applying my logical and commercial skills to solve problems—but when it comes to art, you can’t always use logic to explain it. It’s quite an interesting experience for me.

2. Describe a typical day for you.

A smiling woman with short dark hair stands in an office space next to a desk. Behind her are shelves on top of which two signs are perched, with one reading ‘The power of +’ and the other one reading ‘Hong Kong + Asia + the World’.

Meet the Team: An Artist in Arts Administration

Loretta Chau, Manager of Administration, answers five questions about her job at M+!

1. What brought you to M+?

I’d say I brought myself to M+.

When I learned about the West Kowloon Cultural District and M+ museum projects from the news in around 2004–2006, I was so excited that Hong Kong, being one of the metropolitan cities in Asia, would finally have its own piece of art wonderland. At that point, I started to think about my career and the possibility of involvement in such a museum project. I love travelling and every time I visited a museum overseas, I would think about what working life would be like in a cultural environment with a great artistic atmosphere. How I would feel different in the role of museum staff compared to museum visitor. Over the years I paid great attention to M+’s job openings, and I finally got the chance in 2014 to become part of the M+ family.

2. Describe a typical day for you.

A group of people sit in a room facing each other. They are all holding up their phones and smiling and laughing.

‘Far Out’: Reflections from an M+ Summer Camp Volunteer

The below post was written by Wong Yu, a university volunteer at this year’s M+ Summer Camp, titled ‘far out’.

Between 12 and 15 August in 2018, nine creative practitioners from various disciplines, 100 school students, and a group of volunteers—including myself!—checked in at a campsite in Sai Kung for ‘M+ Summer Camp: far out’. We were there to explore how ‘far out’ our imaginations could really go. The instructors had been working closely with us volunteers to stage a series of workshops with the theme ‘far out’, letting our imaginations set sail far and wide. We were ready to answer the question: what does ‘far out’ actually mean?

In the blink of an eye, the summer camp came to an end four days later. The amazing results, however, had taken months of hard work.