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Hu Xiaoyuan: Is Seeing Believing?

Everything is in the process of fading away, but due to the brevity of our lives, there are some things that we don't notice.

Hu Xiaoyuan

Artist Hu Xiaoyuan discusses how her work Spheres of Doubt plays with notions of authenticity, as its organic materials change as time passes.

Spheres of Doubt (2019) questions if seeing really is believing. The components of the installation are all overlaid with xiao, a kind of raw silk. The surface details of the objects—which include steel structures, a pomegranate, used bricks, and soap—are finely traced with ink on the fibre that covers them. The raw silk on the steel structures has been aged for over one year.

Hu’s practice encompasses installation, video, sculpture, and painting, often drawing from specific experiences to address abstract topics related to time, space, consciousness, and existence. Spheres of Doubt articulates a perspective on the passage of time, including the slow shrinking of fruit and the gradual deterioration of the raw silk. The changes are recorded by scars, surface markings, and the hollow spaces that develop between the objects and the silk.

Video Credits

Produced by M+
Producer: Adam Studios
Curatorial Research: Pi Li, Isabella Tam, Kary Woo
M+ Video Production: Chris Sullivan, Jaye Yau, Angel Ng

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