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Liang Shuo: Forming Space

I need to think about how to create a relationship between the installation and the human body.

Liang Shuo

Artist Liang Shuo defines an approach characterised by what he calls ‘scum’: roughness, a reliance on processes of construction and destruction, and an interest in everyday objects. In his site-specific work In the Peak (2019), he used bamboo scaffolding to create an immersive structure on the terrace of the M+ Pavilion as part of the Sigg Prize 2019 exhibition. Bamboo scaffolding is a recyclable construction material widely used in Hong Kong, forming a relationship with the city’s urban environment.

Two small windows in the structure incorporate views of the distant Victoria Peak and the nearby M+ building under construction. This alludes to the technique of borrowed scenery in Chinese garden design. After entering from the green space of the West Kowloon Cultural District, visitors are led into the constructed landscape along an ascending spiral walkway. This experience is a transition from the crowd to Liang’s ‘dongtian’—a Taoist heavenly grotto.

Image at top: Installation of Liang Shuo’s In the Peak. Liang Shuo, In the Peak, 2019. Bamboo, plastic mesh, and artificial branches. Commissioned by M+, Hong Kong.

Video Credits

Produced by M+
Producer: Adam Studios
Curatorial Research: Pi Li, Isabella Tam, Kary Woo
M+ Video Production: Chris Sullivan, Jaye Yau, Angel Ng

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