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Shirley Tse: An Exercise in Negotiation

Through this exhibition, I want the audience to be able to see that... everyone is a stakeholder.

Shirley Tse

In 2019, Los Angeles–based Hong Kong artist Shirley Tse represented Hong Kong at the 58th Venice Biennale with the exhibition Shirley Tse: Stakeholders, Hong Kong in Venice. It was a culmination of Tse’s career-long interest in plasticity and in the possible interpretations of materials and things. From July 2020, Shirley Tse: Stakes and Holders presents a renewed, site-responsive configuration of the exhibition in Hong Kong.

In this video interview, filmed in Hong Kong and at the Venice Biennale in 2019, Tse discusses her two installations Negotiated Differences and Playcourt. She explores how they respond to the exhibition site and negotiate with its spaces, addressing the complex ways individuals relate to each other in contemporary society.

Objects featured in this video:

Shirley Tse. Negotiated Differences, 2019. Installation. M+, Hong Kong. ©Shirley Tse
Shirley Tse. Playcourt, 2019. Installation. M+, Hong Kong. ©Shirley Tse

Video Credits

Produced by M+
Video Production: Simple Present Tense
M+ Curatorial Research: Olivia Chow, Maggie Yim
M+ Video Production: Chris Sullivan, Jaye Yau
M+ Text Editing: LW Lam, Ellen Oredsson, Amy Leung

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