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Unboxing Henry Steiner’s Design Archive

It's not just a high-end, elite thing, but it's really an international vision.

Shirley Surya

Join us inside the studio of graphic designer Henry Steiner, whose work has shaped the identities of some of Hong Kong’s most influential organisations, as we prepare to bring his archive into M+ storage.

In this video, M+ curators Tina Pang and Shirley Surya explore three Steiner projects from the 1960s, ‘70s, and ‘80s, respectively: the pioneering The Asia Magazine, his inventive HSBC annual reports and magazines, and the branding of the exclusive The I Club.

Video Credits

Produced by M+
Videographer: Chan Chi Lap
Gaffer: Chi Wan Lung
Editor: Anafelle Liu
M+ Curatorial: Shirley Surya, Tina Pang
M+ Video Production: Chris Sullivan, Jaye Yau
M+ Transcript and Closed Captions: LW Lam, Ellen Oredsson, Amy Leung
Special Thanks: Henry Steiner, Steiner&Co., LincolnPotter.com

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