Podium is an online publication dedicated to the critical exploration of 20th and 21st century visual culture spanning the disciplines of visual art, design and architecture, and moving image. It examines the diverse historical moments, geographic locations and intellectual constellations that surround and inform current conditions of cultural production. Podium issues contain commissioned feature-length articles, interviews, translations and shorter-form reflections and projections by invited scholars, critics, writers, and practitioners from around the world. Podium uses an open-ended structure in which issues are updated and added to periodically over time. Please check back with us to see the most recent articles.


Headed by an editorial team in Hong Kong, Podium issues are released twice per year in both English and traditional Chinese.
Editorial Board: Pauline J. Yao, Doryun Chong, Cole Roskam, Vivian Ting
Managing Editor: Stephanie Bailey
Editorial assistant: Vera Lam
With additional support from: Lara Day, Chris Sullivan, Ellen Oredsson, LW Lam, Andrew Goodhouse, Yuling Zhong, Amy Leung, Flora Chung

The name, Podium, is derived from podium architecture that uses a raised base or foot to support a tower structure. It is a building typology commonly found in Hong Kong and is a prominent feature in the M+ building currently under construction. In a similar way, Podium seeks to be a horizontal platform that supports the building of ideas and knowledge.