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Podium Issue 2


This second issue of Podium focuses on the object as a formal point of study, looking to its manifestations across visual culture from architecture to artefact. Aside from exploring the way that designed objects in physical space, from buildings to clocks, reflect on the histories that feed into the present, this issue also thinks about how objects traverse the real and the virtual as the line between the two realms becomes more blurred. The writings published for this issue take objects as an expanded universe: things to deconstruct and unravel so as to reveal new realities and perspectives upon the things that populate lived experience.

In keeping with our flexible format, all Podium issues are periodically updated over time. Please check back with us to see the most recent articles.

On Digital Ways of Seeing

Nefertiti in a Museum: On Memory and its Artefacts

The Lives of Objects: Rirkrit Tiravanija in Conversation


Towards a Mystical Reality: Documentation of Jointly Initiated Experiences

Strange Days

A History of Forgetting in One Object


Editorial Board: Pauline J. Yao, Doryun Chong, Cole Roskam, Vivian Ting
Managing Editor: Stephanie Bailey
Editorial assistant: Vera Lam
Contributors: Pio Abad, Cole Roskam, Krishen Jit, Sulaiman Esa, Redza Piyadasa, Amie Siegel, Pauline J. Yao, Ala Younis, Haidy Geismar
Translators: Louisa Chan, Luisa Ku, Alvin Yiu, Fiona Hem, Aster Ng, Alice Yu
With additional support from: Lara Day, Chris Sullivan, Ellen Oredsson, LW Lam, Andrew Goodhouse, Yuling Zhong, Amy Leung, Flora Chung

Image at top: Yokoo Tadanori, (Japanese, born 1936), Cat of Japan, 1996, silkscreen. M+, Hong Kong. © Courtesy of Tadanori

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