Podium Issue 3


The third issue of Podium focuses its attention on geographies across space and time. The texts included here think about territories—what constitutes or defines them, and how terrains and material cultures are mapped through historical and contemporary lenses. What does it mean to think cartographically in the 21st Century, and how are geographies transforming the way we see the world? At its core, this issue considers the question of geography as a way-finding mission, in which new directions through—and connections between—time, space, and place might be charted out of the different modes of looking that are presented in each contribution.

In keeping with our flexible format, all Podium issues are periodically updated over time. Please check back with us to see the most recent articles.

Railways, Whales, and Star Atlases: Real/Imagined Geographies and Speculative Cartographies of Eurasia

A Short Story About Foreign Affairs

How Histories Make Geographies: Circulation and Context in a Global Perspective


Editorial Board: Pauline J. Yao, Doryun Chong, Cole Roskam, Vivian Ting
Managing Editor: Stephanie Bailey
Editorial assistant: Vera Lam
Contributors: Heman Chong, Arjun Appadurai, Mi You
Translators: Miu Law, Aster Ng, Mary Lee
With additional support from: Lara Day, Chris Sullivan, Ellen Oredsson, LW Lam, Amy Leung

Image at top: Tiffany Chung, HKSAR statistics on yearly arrivals and departures of V-refugees from 1975–1997, 2016, acrylic, ink, and oil on vellum and paper. M+, Hong Kong. Brown Family Annual Acquisition Fund, 2016

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