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What Is the New Thinking around Collections in Modern and Contemporary Museums in Asia?

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What should museum collections be in a contemporary, globalised context? Museums in Asia are devising new ways to manage and loan their collections to promote alternative models of collaboration with other institutions. With the development of digital technology, the ways in which collections data can be shared is also rapidly evolving. Reflecting on ideas raised during an accompanying two-day symposium, this public event took museums of different regional, historical, and financial backgrounds, and with various administrative structures, as a starting point for discussion on potential models and future possibilities.

This talk, organised in collaboration with Mori Art Museum in Tokyo, was part of the M+ International initiative. This initiative aims to create a platform to discuss current issues facing museums in partnership with other institutions around the world.

Event details:

Date: 26 September 2019
Venue: Academyhills, Tokyo, Japan


  • Kasahara Michiko (Vice Director, Artizon Museum)
  • Doryun Chong (Deputy Director, Curatorial and Chief Curator, M+)
  • Sugaya Tomio (Deputy Director, Nakanoshima Museum of Art, Osaka Planning Office)
  • Horikawa Lisa (Deputy Director of Collections Development, National Gallery Singapore)
  • Yokoyama Ikko (Lead Curator, Design and Architecture, M+)
  • Kataoka Mami (Deputy Director and Chief Curator, Mori Art Museum)

Camera: Watanabe Shintaro, Yamakura Kazuki