Transcript: Agency in Practice

‘Shirley Tse: Stakes and Holders’: Agency in Practice

OLIVIA CHOW: They are seeing you in the other cameras.


[Shirley Tse and Christina Li laughing]

DORYUN CHONG: I don’t know. Which angle, they can just spy on us.

OLIVIA CHOW: They see all angles.

DORYUN CHONG: I know. It’s like God’s eyes.

[Olivia Chow laughing]

OLIVIA CHOW: [Cantonese] I think we should study this part first, then pick out all the spindles needed for it and lay them out like in the sketches. Make sure they are placed in the right order before installing them.

DORYUN CHONG: Kind of open towards our left where you are facing.


DORYUN CHONG: I see. Okay.

SHIRLEY TSE: [Cantonese] Oh, it may need some Teflon tape here.

OLIVIA CHOW: This connector should be right above this angle so it should come up to here. Can you see the green line? Yeah, Maggie has another option. She has another view

SHIRLEY TSE: But you can see different angle. This is the front. This is blocking.

[Cantonese] Yes, please take a walk.

OLIVIA CHOW: Five steps.

SHIRLEY TSE: It looks good.

DORYUN CHONG: The table is looking great!

SHIRLEY TSE: Yay! I’m glad you think so.

DORYUN CHONG: It’s got such a presence, you know. You walk in, and you are like, ‘Oh my god’. It’s really great.


CHRISTINA LI: You want to talk before seven thirty or the next day? Just let me know.

SHIRLEY TSE: Sounds great.


SHIRLEY TSE: Jin, don’t stay up too late, please.

JIN: Yep, okay.

CHRISTINA LI: [laughing] Alright.

OLIVIA CHOW: Alright, goodnight, bye.

CHRISTINA LI: Goodnight.

CHRISTINA LI: We’re catching up with what we originally wanted to do. Today things went really quick. I mean, yesterday with the cube it was understandably much more complicated and exhausting. All parties were involved to really levitate this cube on the side which at the end worked out, yeah.

SUHANYA RAFFEL: It’s just looking amazing. This is our new world, no? I mean the installation so far is fascinating. And the use of space, superb. I’m just thrilled, really thrilled.

SHIRLEY TSE: I am so glad to hear. It’s completely different than Venice. It’s so different. In Venice, it was very low. This is just really, I really accentuate the architecture of this space. Last look at the architecture of this space before we say goodbye.

SUHANYA RAFFEL: That’s right. It is true!

LAU SAI WING: [Cantonese] We either extend it horizontally this way or lift it up a bit. The spindles were installed very close together around the other pillars. We want this area to be more spread out. It will be extended there and there will be another extension behind Maggie. So we hope that the clusters around here can be more spread out.

SHIRLEY TSE: [Cantonese] Good. Once you’ve finished the configuration, you can look at the work from different angles.

OLIVIA CHOW: So basically there are like four legs now.

SHIRLEY TSE: [Cantonese] Hold the same position but change its orientation. Rotate it to this angle.

SHIRLEY TSE: And then there is a whole section that needs to be extended from the left pillar towards the Playcourt deconstructed area.

OLIVIA CHOW: Shirley wants to, is envisioning a bit more spindles coming out this way to connect with this area.


SHIRLEY TSE: That part’s not done yet. Olivia, just before lunch, put that giant thigh. And I’m looking at it, I think it’s too heavy. So I don’t think we should use it there. It happened in the warehouse in L.A., it happened in Venice that we do not use all the spindles we have, you know because this is a very specific thing we’re building, so the point is not to use all the spindles you have. If it doesn’t work, then we don’t need to. Are they filming us on cam? I’m scared.

OLIVIA CHOW: She’s hiding in the corner now.

DORYUN CHONG: Like a Japanese horror movie.


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