Transcript: The Archigram Archive in the M+ Collections

Transcript of The Archigram Archive in the M+ Collections

PETER COOK: Archigram is the name of a broadsheet that suggested there were alternatives to the boring architecture that was going on in the ’50s and ’60s. It then gave its name to six guys who were enjoying inventing that architecture.

SUHANYA RAFFEL: I am very proud that the Archigram Archive acquisition was made while I am museum director of M+. We see the root of Hong Kong visual culture in relationship to global architecture.

DORYUN CHONG: They situated architecture amongst the wider landscape of visual culture, and that very much fits with how M+ is thinking about visual culture.

ARIC CHEN: The archive includes thousands of drawings, models, videos, and recordings and includes some of the tools that they used to draw with. You can see traces of Archigram almost everywhere. A number of prominent Hong Kong architects were either students or former employees of Archigram members.

DORYUN CHONG: We are focussed as much on displaying these objects in addition to storing and conserving them as making these materials accessible to people who are curious people who want to do in-depth research.

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